Essential Oils for Beginners – Everything You Need to Know:

Essential Oils for Beginners: What they are, how to use them, and where to start – we’ve got you covered in this quick article!

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Essential Oils – you may heave seen or heard about them recently due to their rising popularity, but what ARE they? Essential Oils are concentrated plant extracts, and they are used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes throughout the world, and have been used throughout history. The word “essential” is in reference to the healthful and aromatic essence of their respective plant source. Essential Oils come from a wide variety of plant sources, including leaves, roots, grass, flowers, and trees.
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There are 3 simple ways to use Essential Oils: Topically, through Diffusion, and in the home in various ways such as cleaning and use as a non-toxic alternative to may harsh household chemicals.
bamboo in homeThe most popular way to use Essential Oils is Diffusion. Not all Essential Oils are right for this method, but most are. Diffusion is accomplished through the use of a diffuser to fill the air with a fine mist of your Essential Oil(s) of choice. Essential Oils have many beneficial aromatic properties, as well as many properties that can help cleanse the air in your room or home, aid in times of sickness, boost your mood, and help you sleep. Spark Naturals offers a full line of diffusers that you can see HERE, and our blog is full of wonderful recipes for diffusion. Click HERE for 15 diffuser recipes to get you started.
The second way to use Essential Oils effectively is through topical application. Topical application is applying the Essential Oils directly to the skin on key areas or effected areas. Some Essential Oils are very strong, and may cause skin irritation – in these cases it is recommended to dilute the Essential Oil with a Carrier Oil (read more about dilution HERE) to ensure safe application. Applying the Essential Oil to the skin is a great way to ensure quick absorption by the body, and reap the powerful health benefits of Essential Oils.
Essential Oils can be used in countless ways within the home. Some of the most popular ways they are used within the home is as safe, non-toxic, all-natural alternatives to many of the harsh cleaning chemicals we so commonly use in our homes and bathrooms. Essential Oils can be used to deoderize carpet, clean granite, clean your toilet/bath to a like-new shine, clear up allergies, and even with your pets! Click HERE to view 15 great uses for Essential Oils you probably didn’t know about!
A great way to start is with our Essential 4-Pack. We offer it in a 5ml (smaller bottle) option, and a 15ml (larger bottle) option. It contains the 4 most-popular and well known Essential Oils to get you started – You won’t want to leave home without them!

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