Copaiba is Here!

sn_eo15_copaibaYou asked and we delivered! After an amazing number of requests, we have sourced the best quality, 100% Pure Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil and have, yet again, made it affordably available.

Copaiba (Copaifera Officinalis) is a steam distilled resin. It is a middle-base note oil with a sweetly warm, woodsy aroma. With high levels of beta-carophyllene, Copaiba has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and is often used as a topical analgesic.  In addition, this unique oil is often used as an “amplifier” or “magnifier” to enhance the oils it is combined with.

Copaiba can be used to treat intestinal infections and has been known to ease vomiting and diarrhea. It is also a great decongestant and can help treat colds, coughs, chills, and other respiratory issues.

So who can use it? Copaiba is considered to be a fairly safe oil, even for dogs and *gasp* cats! Dilute for young children and those with sensitive skin. As always use cautiously, and test a small patch of skin before extensive use. Allergies to Copaiba are considered rare, but if adverse reactions occur, stop use immediately. *NOT RECOMMENDED for use when pregnant.


  • Allergies: Add a drop of Copaiba in your diffuser with several drops of LLP Blend for bolstered relief.
  • Wart/Mole Removal: With a q-tip, rub a drop of Copaiba onto the wart or mole 1-2 times daily until gone.
  • Sleep: Diffuse 2 drops Copaiba, 3 drops Lavender at bedtime and into the night.
  • Immunity Booster: In 10ml roll on bottle, add 5 drops each: Shield, Frankincense, Copaiba, and Oregano, and top with favorite carrier oil (Sweet Almond or Coconut)
  • Skin Conditions: apply directly to acne, and diluted (in lotion or carrier oil) to stretch marks, sagging skin, and varicose veins for possible relief and tighter skin.
  • Happy Stomache Tea: In 8oz warm water, stir in 1 tsp honey and 1-2 drops Copaiba.
  • Pain Massage Oil: In a 1-oz glass bottle, add 15 drops Copaiba and 2 drops Clove, top off with your favorite carrier oil. Apply to sore joints, sciatic nerve, etc. as need.
  • Dog Pain/Terminal Conditions: 1-3 drops each Copaiba and Frankincense (depending on size) twice daily.






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