Super Digest

Super Bowl was this past weekend. To me, Super Bowl is a continuation of the “Holiday Season”. I’m not really even sure where that starts, ends, and starts again, however, that does mean there is going to be a lot of really good food.

There is something about a party (of any sort) that ultimately means that I get to eat whatever and as much of whatever as I want. I suffer from self-control-atitis. The next morning I suffer from WHAT-IS-WRONG-WITH-YOU-WHY-CAN’T-YOU-CONTROL-YOURSELF-itis. Have you heard of either of these?



I would like to introduce you to my friend Digest! OOOOOHHHHHH MAN!!!!! This little beauty was my saving grace this week! From stomach cramps because I ate too many carbs and gluten, to the food baby I developed, to my lack of regular movement, to the adverse affects of not having movement for a few days (you’re welcome because you know what I’m talking about), this amazing oil saved me!!!!


The properties of Digest fall within the extremes of oils. The combination of oils in this blend can help with an upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea, or the occasional upset stomach. Beyond that, Digest can also help with heartburn and stuffy noses! Oh the places this oil will go!!!!


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