CRAFT: Candy Cane Playdough

Our Candy Cane Playdough is a great, fun project for you and your kids! It’s easy and fun to make, inexpensive, and once given, encourages creative play. If you have kids around your house this winter season, it is a great “Busy time” craft!

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Candy Cane Playdough Recipe:


-5 cups water
-5 cups flour
-10 drops Spark Naturals Peppermint Essential Oil
-2 1/2 cups salt
-3 Tablespoons cream of tartar
-10 Tablespoons vegetable oil
-Food coloring


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To make the ‘Candy Cane’, we made two batches of the playdough, one red and one white. After the dough cooled down a bit, we kneaded in some glitter for holiday glitziness.

Mix water, salt, cream of tartar, and food coloring. Cook on medium-low heat, stirring regularly until mixture is hot. Add vegetable oil and 5-8 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil. Stir in flour a cup at a time, stirring in between each addition. Mix until playdough pulls away from pan and is no longer sticky (pinch it between your fingers to test). Dump dough on counter, let cool a bit, then knead.

Next we gathered our playdough (cut up into individual portions)

We rolled the playdough into snakes, then twisted one red and one white one together like a candy cane.

Each playdough twist was put into a jar and we added fabric, lids, and labels for a fun homemade look. Share this article on Facebook with your family and friends!

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