5 Lotions to make with Essential Oils

Do you love lotion? Have you ever tried giving it an all-natural boost with pure Essential Oils? Here are 5 Amazing Recipes you can use to make your own Amazing Lotions – with all of the benefits of Essential Oils built right in:

You’ll need to start by making a base lotion here – this will be used in all of the different recipes listed – you’ll then be adding specific Essential Oils to accommodate specific needs:


– 10 oz Shea Butter
– 4oz Sweet Almond Oil or Grapeseed Oil 
– 4oz Coconut Oil (solid form)

Whip until fluffy. You CAN leave this plain and use as a body butter, but try the recipes below for added benefits and wellness boosts:


– 1/2 cup of the base lotion
– 15 drops Cedarwood
– 7 drops Ylang Ylang
– 15 drops Lavender
Apply to the soles of your feet before bed, and get a deeper night’s sleep – not to mention you’ll wake up with refreshed and moisturized skin in the morning!


– 1/2 cup of the base lotion
– 8 drops Lavender
– 8 drops Frankincense
– 8 drops Melaleuca

Apply to the effected area, or if you have stretch marks this can help them too.


– 1/2 cup of the base lotion
– 10 drops of Wintergreen
– 8 drops of Lemongrass
– 8 drops of Frankincense
– 10 drops of Peppermint
Apply to lower back, sore muscles, or if you’re stressed – neck and shoulders. Always nice to have this lotion on hand.


– 1/2 cup of the base lotion
– 15 drops of Ylang Ylang
– 8 drops of Rosemary
– 15 drops of Peppermint

When you feel like you’re dragging through your day, just use a bit of this energy boosting lotion and reinvigorate your day and your mood with its great scent and benefits.

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