Did You Know Lavender Oil Could Do This?

Lavender Essential Oil is one of the most popular Essential Oils available, and for good reason. It has a wonderful, rich, calming and refreshing scent, and many great properties that allow it to be beneficial in a variety of different scenarios. Here are a few great ways that Lavender can be used in your normal, daily life!

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Great Home Uses:

  • Refresh A Stale Closet: Shoes, clothes, fabrics and dust along with no fresh air can result in a stale, un-welcoming scent in closets and storage areas throughout the home. Diffuse in the area, put a few drops onto the smelly culprits, or simply soak a few cotton balls in Lavender Essential Oil and place them in the corner of the closet for a refreshing, welcoming scent that will instantly replace the stale smell you’re used to.
  • No More Bug Bites: Bugs, insects, and spiders are not fans of Lavender Essential Oil – they don’t like the scent! Use Lavender to prevent unwanted visitors, and if needed Lavender will soothe itchy bites and reduce inflammation.
  • Restless Kids? Add a couple drops of Lavender Essential Oil to their pillows. It’s calming properties and light scent will calm their minds and ease them to sleep faster than ever. It’ll work for you too moms & dads!
  • Replace the Scented Aerosol Sprays: Many of us have some type of scented aerosol spray in our homes or bathrooms to quickly mask unwanted smells – next time you reach for that spray? Go for Lavender Oil with water in a spray bottle. Not only is Lavender antiseptic, antiviral, and antibacterial, it is all-natural and you can avoid using the harsh chemicals in your home! Not to mention the rich, all-natural scent.
  • Therapeutic Laundry Soap. Add a few drops of Lavender to your next load of laundry – its antibacterial properties and aromatherapy benefits will give your laundry a great boost!

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  • Brighten Wood Floors: Commercial wood floor polish typically contains harsh chemicals. Wood loves oil! Add Lavender to your cleaning system to give your tired, dry wood a shiny boost.
  • All-Natural Room Freshener: Fill a mason jar with 7 drops of Lavender Oil, baking soda, and punch holes into the lid. Place these jars throughout the home near trash cans, dirty clothes, and other smelly or dull areas. Shake the jar occasionally to keep the contents mixed and enjoy the freshness!
  • No More Pet Smells: Put a dash of your baking soda and Lavender mixture (from the previous tip) to your carpet(s) and vacuum up!  If you have pets that are potty-training or smelly, fight back with Lavender!

Body and Mind:

  • Burn Relief: If you find yourself with a mild sunburn this summer, use a little Lavender to prevent peeling and aid in healthy healing!
  • Cut-Cleanser: If you or your little ones get a cut or scrape, use Lavender to gain some relief and aid with disinfection.
  • Dry Skin Aid: Add Lavender Essential Oil to some Fractionated Coconut Oil for amazing relief form dry or itchy skin – the all-natural way.
  •  Heel & Foot Moisturizer: If you suffer from dried out feet or cracked heels, add a few drops of Lavender to a hot foot bath. You’ll love the results!
  • Cold & Flu Relief:  Add 6-8 drops of Lavender Oil to a bowl of hot water. Place a towel over your head, and inhale the vapor slowly and deeply.

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  • Allergies & Stuffy Noses: Apply a drop or two of Lavender to the back of your neck, chest, and between your eyes to calm down allergies, respiratory issues, or congested sinuses.
  • Relaxation Remedy: Anxiety, stress, and tension can really work up your body and your muscles. Lavender is a great way to relieve that pressure. Add it to a warm bath, soak, and let the tension go.
  • Shower Steam Serenity: When you’re in the shower, wet your hair and work 4-5 drops of Lavender into your hair and hands. Let it fill the shower with steam as you rinse your hair, and breath in the vapor. You’ll love the relaxing sensation, and your hair will love the Lavender Oil.
  • Oily Skin: Lavender helps balance sebum (oil) production in your skin and control break outs.

Did you know Lavender Essential Oil could do all of that? Lavender is an amazing Oil. We hope you enjoy these tips and uses, and try them out for yourself!


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