100% Pure Spark Naturals Salves: What’s Inside

With Essential Oils, many people choose to dilute them with Carrier Oils for topical use. A Salve essentially functions the same way as a Carrier Oil – however it’s unique composition and consistency offers many great benefits, as well as making application extremely easy. A Salve is very similar to a balm, and is very portable and convenient for application. 100% organic, pure, and formulated from the highest quality ingredients, salves are a great alternative to carrier oils and a wonderful choice for topical application of our 100% pure Essential Oils.

salve oils

A salve is essentially a base which you can add essential oils to achieve specific benefits. Spark Naturals base salve is composed of the below ingredients:

beeswax100% Organic Beeswax – Beeswax is a natural hydrator rich with vitamins. It aids in helping the skin to retain moisture as well as protect from the outside elements. Rich in vitamin A and fatty-acids, beeswax promotes healthy complexion and rejuvenation of skin cells. Beeswax contains anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that help clean and soften the skin.


olive oil100% Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Olive Oil is commonly used in the culinary world, however it has unique benefits to the skin. It is great for aiding in deep absorption, it offers powerful moisturizing, aids in battling wrinkles by keeping the skin balanced and full, while maintaining a healthy, soft glow.



coconut oil.png100% Pure Hand Pressed Coconut Oil –   Like coconuts, coconut oil is rich in proteins that keep skin healthy internally and externally. Proteins contribute to cellular health and repair, and a healthy flow of proteins promotes regular replacement of damaged cells which reduces scar/damage appearance and improves healing time.


vitamin e100% Pure Vitamin E Oil – Vitamin E Oil has long been known to benefit the skin and natural healing. Vitamin E Oil also contains anti-aging agents, can aid with treating sunburns, and is powerful in promoting damage reverse and healing to rough, dry, and tired skin.



How To Use/Apply:  Salves can be used in much the same way as you would typically use your oils – you can apply the salve to the same areas such as back of neck, chest, feet, etc. Salves offer the benefit of being in a balm like semi-solid form, which makes topical application to any area of need extremely easy and convenient – not to mention the added benefits of the above ingredients.

Pre-Made Salves: Spark Naturals offers our own line of custom made salves, each specially formulated to achieve specific benefits with our 100% Pure Essential Oils. Ranging from improved sleep, to fighting germs, to a simple base you can use to create your own, you can view our entire line by clicking HERE. 

salves feature

Our full line of 100% Pure Salves is available in our store, we now also offer Sample Size Salves! These are extremely popular, extremely portable, and a great way to try out all of our wonderful salves. View them HERE. If you’re interested in making your own, you’ll want to start with Spark Naturals Base Salve and add the oils you want to create your own custom salve. To view our video on how to make your own salves, click HERE.

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If you haven’t tried our 100% pure organic salves, we invite you to! Pure, easy, rich in benefits and extremely convenient, we know you’ll absolutely love them. Share this article with your friends and enjoy!


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