Essential Oil Safety Tips

Essential Oils – How do I use them safely? 

This is a great question! After all, Essential Oils are full of different chemicals which serve different purposes and provide each oil with a unique chemical build. Each oil’s unique chemical build provides you with the various benefits each oil brings to your life! (This is why oil purity is SO important to Spark Naturals) So how do we make sure that we use all of these wonderful oils safely? Here are a few great go-to tips to ensure safe use:

safety feature

How much should I use? Spread it out! Use small amounts all throughout the day, not one large amount at once. This helps to avoid any irritations, as well as maintaining a consistent application for the body to absorb and use.

Avoid sensitive areas! – yes, if great caution is not used, irritation is not fun in the genital area, eyes, or the inside of your nose or ear canals. Avoid these areas to avoid unwanted irritations!

Dilution & Carrier Oils Are Your Friend – Spark Naturals only sells 100% pure, undiluted Essential Oils – this means when you purchase a bottle, it is not diluted. For sensitive skin, and to avoid irritations or burning, dilute your 100% Pure Essential Oils into a carrier oil for safe and irritation-free topical application (read more here)

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Photosensitive Oils –  Citrus oils will increase skin sensitivity to the suns UV rays – this means that when applied to the skin, and exposed to the sun, there’s an increased chance of sunburn. Be careful!

Read The Label! –Very few Essential Oils are suitable for being taken internally. Unless the label specifically states that the oil is suitable to be taken internally – do not ingest.

Bathing – When taking a bath with Essential Oils to aid in relaxation, be sure to always use an emulsifier to distribute the oils evenly in the bath water – without this, the oils can collect on the surface, and prolonged skin exposure can cause irritation or burns. Epsom salt, milk, etc. are great options for ensuring a safe bathing experience!


Be Safe With Young Ones – When applying to young children, keep away from little hands that may rub eyes, and when applying to feet, put socks on afterward to avoid any issues.

Keep Out Of Children’s Reach! 

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100% Pure Essential Oils are amazing and can benefit you and your family in so many ways! We learn more every day here about how to use them and we love to share that knowledge with you all! Share this article on Facebook with family and friends by clicking below, and for all of your carrier oils, essential oils, and accessories, visit our shop! We only offer the best. Have a great day and thanks for reading!



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