Shield Yourself: DIY Hand Sanitizer

Handrails. Doorknobs. Drinking fountains. Bathrooms. Refrigerator doors. Shopping carts.

We touch things everyday that hold unseen germs, and this time of year when illness rates increase due to more indoor hours and tight quarters, we essentially need a Shieldto ward them off.

Enter Shield Hand Sanitizer.

Whether you like a liquidy spray or a gel-style sanitizer, these DIY recipes are quick and easy to make.

IMG_8885Shield Sanitizer Spray

1-oz Glass Spray Bottle

1 Tablespoon Aloe

10-15 Drops Shield

Combine Aloe and Shield in a 1-oz spray bottle and fill to the top with water (distilled if possible, but not necessary). Shake and spray as needed.

Shield Gel Sanitizer 

2-oz PET Squeezable Bottle

1/4 Cup Aloe

15-20 Drops Shield

Fill bottle 3/4 of the way full and add 15-20 drops of Shield Blend. Slowly add small amounts of water (distilled preferred) and shake until desired consistency.

There you have it! Quick to make and easy to take everywhere you go: school, the office, family trips, or just around the house.

Do you make your own hand sanitizer? Comment below with your go-to recipes, oils, and ingredients. We want to hear from you!

~The Spark Team~

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