Treating Alopecia Areata

RESEARCH: Do you or someone you know have alopecia areata? Great news! 

A study in Aberdeen concluded that treatment of a scalp massage with essential oils was safe and effective.

Eighty-six patients were randomized into 2 groups. The active group massaged essential oils (thyme, rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood) in a mixture of carrier oils (jojoba and grapeseed) into their scalp daily. The control group used only carrier oils for their massage, also daily.

44% of patients in the active group showed improvement compared with 15% of patients in the control group.

Thankfully, they included the recipe used for the essential oil massage! Here it is:

-2 drops Thyme essential oil
-3 drops Lavender essential oil
-3 drops Rosemary essential oil
-2 drops Cedarwood essential oil
-3ml jojoba oil
-20ml grapeseed oil

Read more here:

Wondering what alopecia areata is? Go here: 

To order the oils necessary to follow the recipe, click the link below 🙂

2 thoughts on “Treating Alopecia Areata

  1. Would you please direct us to the study you mentioned? Family members have tried a merid of treatments but none of them worked long term. We want to read the study to evaluate further. Thanks Ann Nita Jensen

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