Essential Oil Blends? Ours & Theirs


Do you use DoTerra or Young Living Essential Oil Blends? Spark Naturals offers the same variety of Essential Oil Blends for a fraction of the cost to you, because we are not an MLM company – that means our business model allows us to save you money while offering only the highest quality products (read more about this HERE). What we care about the most is you, our customer, being able to easily get ahold of the oils you need at any time, and our priority is for you to be healthy in all aspects of your life! Here’s a chart showing all of our blends along side blends by DoTerra and Young Living. We invite you to try Spark Naturals Essential Oil Blends today, and see what you’ve been missing! We know you’ll love them!



5 Comments on “Essential Oil Blends? Ours & Theirs

  1. How can you possibly compare doTERRA with Young Living?
    I asked doTERRA for the ingredients of their oils. Their oils are for sure not pure oils as they are full of chemicals. Young Living oils are pure oils.

    • Hi Gwen, this comparison is for new customers to know our name versus theirs. We use 100% pure, 100% natural essential oils and our blends are not not diluted unless specified on our site under each product description. We also list all the oils that are in each blend.

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