Essential Oils & Your Feet

Why Should You Apply Essential Oils To Your Feet?

The soles of your feet have a particularly rich blood supply – applying Essential Oils topically anywhere on the skin is effective – but the soles of your feet are one of the best portals on the body for absorption.

The practice of applying oils to the bottom of your feet is often combined with the practice of foot reflexology – which is the idea that applying certain oils to certain areas of the feet offer benefits to specific areas & systems of the body. Here is a foot map for reference borrowed from to get you started:foot-reflex-chart_illustration_1

IMG_3223Many people like to rub essential oils on their feet when they’re fighting a cold or the flu, and in general, applying oils to the feet before bed is a great way to allow the oils to absorb and enter your system as you fall asleep to aid with recovery and overall wellness. We recommend using one of our Roller Bottles to get the job done – they make it easy to reach down to your feet (or for someone else to) and apply without any dripping or spilling, and without getting the Oils themselves all over your hands and making it a chore. Roller Bottles make application very simple for anywhere on the body – not just feet. See the Spark Naturals shop to see our different options and get on your way to your best self!



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