Use Essential Oils? Ditch the M.L.M. Companies:

What is multi-level marketing? (MLM)

Multilevel marketing companies employ salespeople who sell products directly to people in their community – friends, family, neighbors, etc. They earn money based on personal sales, and sales of people they recruit to work for the company in a position beneath them.

How does it work?

When you sign up to become a salesperson for a multilevel marketing company, you more than likely will be asked to purchase some of their products upfront so you will have product to sell yourself.ponzi-pyramid

They will offer you products at a “wholesale discount” (which is still a price profitable to
the company) and then your job is to sell those products to friends, family members, your community/network, and other customers at a higher “retail” price. Then, if you can convince a customer to become a salesperson too, you will earn income off of their sales, on top of what you make with your own sales. Same for anyone they recruit, and so on. As you and your recruits sell more products, you make more money off of them.

Keep in mind – it may be difficult at times to see through the deeply convincing marketing strategies these companies use for their products. It is all designed specifically to solidify the idea that because you’re paying the highest price, you’re getting “the best” or “the purest” product. Truly – the company itself already purchased that “best and purest” product for less money than you – or anyone you sell to – will ever pay for it. Right from the start you’ve become a walking dollar sign to someone. The same product they paid the lowest price for, is the same product you or someone else is paying the highest price for.

Top sellers are often rewarded with additional incentives — Multi Level Marketing is about the Money. Also don’t forget, there are often out-of-pocket expenses that quickly add up. Such as: buying inventory, registration fees, introductory kits, training events, marketing materials, etc.

You also may receive a list of requirements – sales quotas of hundreds or thousands of dollars that must be met to stay an “active” seller and to qualify for commission checks – the money.

In fact, to be able to qualify for those commissions,  you typically will have to have a minimum number of people below you, and you’re required to spend a certain amount per month on products to qualify for commissions – regardless of if you need more product or not.

What makes Spark Naturals different?3 Blend Bottles

Money is not our motivator, high-quality products, and your wellness are. You’re our customer – which makes you part of our family, and we built Spark Naturals as a company we would love to recommend to our family, friends, and neighbors, and one that they would love to recommend to theirs.

Remember how the MLM company bought that “best and purest” oil, sold it to you for profit, and you sold it to someone else for even more profit? Spark Naturals sources that same “best and purest” oil, tests it for purity, and delivers it directly to you – our Spark Naturals family. And if a batch of oil isn’t good enough – we reject it. We won’t deliver our Essential Oils to you unless we know they’re right – 100% Pure. When we verify that it meets the highest purity standards, and has the pure, rich scent it should – only when we are satisfied with our product, we bottle it and send it directly to you.

The big difference?

Because of our business model, and who we are, we’re able to offer you 100% Pure Essential Oils for prices that are often times far lower than the leading MLM companies can offer. Our objective isn’t to make mountains of money, it’s to provide you with the best Essential Oils available, at a price you can actually feel good about – with no pressure. Because we want you to always have access to ALL of the Essential Oils you need and use, we take the appropriate steps to ensure our oils are available as often as possible, year-round…not just at special events or certain times at extreme prices. More Money and fancy marketing does not make or guarantee a superior quality oil. A smart business model, a transparent product, and the right values in caring for you – our customers – is what we’re all about.

Naysayers may tell you: “look out, its poor quality oil, nobody sells it that cheap unless its poor quality” or “the only reason I’d buy that is to send it in for testing to see how cheap it is”. They’ll tell you “no it must be diluted” or “it’s probably a lie, mixed with carrier oils and only a small percentage of real Essential Oil”. But what do the people that tell you these things more often than not have in common? They’re often involved with an MLM company, and of ourse they’ll tell you that – they want your business, and will stand by what they’re selling and using rather than put your needs first.


Spark Naturals Essential Oils are 100% Pure – no dilution, no carrier oils, and you’re more than welcome to have them tested. We know what we sell and we’re proud of it. We love Essential Oils – and we know that you do too. That’s why we’re here. Give us a try, we know you’ll love what you find inside of our bottles, and keep coming back.



16 thoughts on “Use Essential Oils? Ditch the M.L.M. Companies:

    1. We are currently working with a number of shipping companies to establish shipping rates around the world, Australia is one of the countries at the top of the list.

    1. At Spark Naturals we only purchase the highest grade of 100% pure essential oils. We feel that the most important factor in purchasing the best quality of essential oils, is the MS/DS test results. This identifies the quality and purity of the essential oil. There are instances when “organic” oils are purchased.

    1. Hi Jenna, therapeutic grade is a marketing term there is no test that qualifies essential oils are therapeutic grade. Our oils are 100% natural and pure, they are not diluted or cut. Spark Naturals tests each batch of oil through an independent lab to ensure purity and quality. Hope this answers your question.

  1. I’m trying an essential oil right now. I did a little research before my purchase, and choose to buy from Young Living because of their “seed to seal” guarantee. Because essential oils are so concentrated and condensed, I want to be sure what I’m getting is free of pesticides or herbicides, since those would be concentrated and condensed, right along with the good stuff.

    Do you grow your own plants?

    1. At Spark, we source our oils and products from all over the world and retain the power to reject a crop if it is not up to our standards. Each botanical/plant is sourced from the best region on earth for that specific species to flourish and grow. We are constantly reviewing crop calendars, GC/MS testing, and weather patterns that may effect a crop to ensure the best oils and products for you – our customer. For more information, please visit our site.

    1. Spark Naturals does not own their own farms. The reason for this, is so that we retain the ability to reject a crop if it does not meet the standard of quality that we demand. Many times when companies own farms, they have to commit to the crop regardless of the outcome. We choose not to go this route, and receive our oils directly from the distillers after thorough testing has been done to ensure quality is never compromised.

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