Do you Drop or Drip? Here’s the Difference:

This is a quick post to explain the difference between dripping and dropping your Essential Oils when making blends or adding oils to various recipes! Either method is perfectly acceptable, just make sure you are consistent with your choice. That being said, there is actually a method that is more preferred – and we will tell you why.


If you’ve ever made a blend and ended up with different levels of oil between batches, it could be due to the drip/drop method choice. When blending or adding oils to a recipe, use a glass dropper each time for much greater consistency!
Here’s the difference:
Dripping the oil straight from the bottle’s drip orifice will give you a larger amount, and a less consistent recipe – it can get frustrating watching your Oils drip too slowly, or much too quickly to even count!
Using a glass dropper will give you a more accurate recipe, and a very consistent amount of Oil each time! You can use a dropper for each bottle, or simply wash one dropper with hot water and soap each time you change oils.
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