Essential Oil Dilution – How To Know For Yourself:

Dilution & Product Transparency: Are you buying a blend that is Pre-Diluted with F.C.O.? Do you know how much what you’re paying for is diluted? Be SURE to check the difference in color: There are some oils that are very dark – Blue Tansy & German Chamomile are some of those oils. If you are paying top-dollar for these oils? Make sure that you put them into a clear container, and check with your own eyes to ensure that you are getting what you pay for – Not just an expensive bottle of Carrier Oil with a smell.

Golden Retriever puppies

The two bottles in the image below clearly illustrate this point. They both smell the same, but one is very diluted with F.C.O. ( a colorless and odorless carrier oil). The one on the left is much, much cheaper to make because carrier oils are much cheaper than pure, high quality Essential Oils. This is almost unnoticeable in a dark color bottle.

Golden Retriever puppies

Spark Naturals proudly offers 100% Pure Essential Oils, and we encourage you to take a look for yourselves! We simply want everyone to know what they’re buying and using, we want you to be informed, and we want you to know for yourselves that your Essential Oils from Spark Naturals are what we say they are – 100% Pure. We hope you enjoy this simple tip, and share it with your friends! Be informed and don’t settle for less!



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