Essential Oils for your Teen

 In case you hadn’t noticed, kids can be a little difficult as they pass through their teenage years!

Golden Retriever puppiesIt can be a bit of a challenge for them, and for you, as they pass through this time of change and growth – Here is a great list of Essential Oils & Blends that can help your teens with a variety of common issues and challenges:

1. Bliss –  When teens feel “off” and emotional, this is a great go-to blend.
2. Zen – Promotes a sense of peace and calm, helps ease the mind and body.
3. Frankincense – Great for skin(acne), and known to boost confidence!
4. Lavender – Great for a full, deep night’s sleep.
6. Peppermint – Great for lifting low moods, and GREAT for bad breath!
7. Harmony – A Blend specifically for women, to bring hormonal and emotional balance each month.
8. Focus – A Blend to promote focus, concentration, and keep attentive and sharp throughout the day.

Teaching your teens how and why to use these Essential Oils is a great way to help them! Oils are so easy to keep in a back-pack, pocket, or car, and showing them when & how to use them is a great way to help them help themselves.


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