1 Jar, 5 Salves: DIY Frankincense Salves

We are focusing on our versatile Base Salve this week, and as many of you have received your Spark Naturals Frankincense Oil from the Premium Oil of the Month Club this month (or will if you sign up today!), we wanted to share with you some of our favorite recipes.

Frankincense is an earthy/woodsy oil that has been used for millennia to aid in healing the body both physically and emotionally. It is most often used topically and aromatically (diffused) to help with issues of focus, irritability, and depression/grief as well as headaches, and skin care.

I know what you’re thinking. “Great! Sounds awesome!…Now what?” Five fabulous DIY recipes you can quickly make at home, that’s what!

Items to get you started:
-1­40ml jar Spark Naturals B ase Salve 5­1⁄4 oz jar(s) (for pocket/purse­sized salves) Spark -Naturals Essential Oils
-Pan of water and stove top
-Stir stick(s)
-Label stickers

1. To add essential oils to the salve, you will need to melt the Base Salve, so please refer to our Video and Written posts about how to easily do this.


2. Then pour the Base Salve into the small 1⁄4 oz jars before adding the essential oils for each specific salve (if making 5 jars of the same salve, oils can be added before pouring).


3. Add the desired essential oils into the jars immediately, and gently stir with the stir stick.


3. Label and let set for 2­4 hours until solid.


4. Now you’re ready to take these travel­sized salves with you to work, school, and everywhere!



Frankincense Salve

Base Salve
1­1⁄4 oz Jar
4­6 drops Frankincense


Uses: Apply to neck/throat to help alleviate coughs and sore throat due to illness. Apply a dab around the nostrils and general nose area to help stop active nose bleeds.

Ancient Skin Balm

Base Salve
1­1⁄4 oz Jar
3 drops Frankincense 3 drops Myrrh

Uses: Helps heal general scrapes and cuts as well as cracked, dry lips, hands, and feet.

Cuticle Salve

Base Salve
1­1⁄4 oz Jar
2 drops Frankincense 2 drops Lemon
2 drops Myrrh

Use: Apply every other week as needed to help strengthen nails and keep cuticles soft.

Headache Relief Salve

Base Salve
1­ 1⁄4 oz Jar
2 drops Frankincense 2 drops Lavender
2 drop Peppermint

Use: When battling a headache, apply along the hairline, especially the temples and the nape of the neck.

“Take 5” Calming Salve

Base Salve
1­ 1⁄4 oz Jar
1 drops Bergamot 1 drops Grapefruit 1 drops Lemon

1 drops Wild Orange 1-­2 drops Clary Sage 1-­2 drops Frankincense

Use: When feeling especially irritated or upset, “Take 5” minutes to dab some of this calming salve on your wrists and under your ear along the back side of the jaw bone. Also rub what’s left from dabbing in your hands quickly, cup them around your nose, and deeply inhale to help you feel uplifted and calm.


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