Oil Of The Month Feature: Marjoram

What is it? Marjoram comes from a plant commonly grown in Hungary, and is commonly known as a culinary herb, but as an Essential Oil has some great uses and benefits! Marjoram Essential Oil is commonly used to aid in healing sore joints, sore muscles, various back pains and joint sprains. Marjoram also acts as a natural muscle relaxant.

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Properties: Disinfectant, analgesic, sedative, expectorant, disinfectant, antibiotic, antispasmodic.


 – Ingestion: Intake 1-3 drops via a capsule or with water to aid with stomach health/digestion.

 – Topical Use: Apply topically with massage on and around sore muscles and/or joints.

 – Diffusion: Use in a diffuser, or apply to chest, back, and lymph nodes.


Quick Recipe: Roll-On Muscle Spasm Blend

Apply to sore or painful joints, tight/sore muscles throughout the day as needed for relief and to promote healing and relaxation. Alternatively, apply to chest and back for mild personal diffusion and relaxation.

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