Premium Oil Of The Month: LXR Blend – What Is It?

12664864Spark Naturals’ LXR Anxiety Blend has been created as a proprietary blend of the following 100% Pure Un-Diluted Essential Oils: Lavender, Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Chamomile, Frankincense, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, & Vanilla. As a member of our Premium Oil Of The Month Club, for the month of June you receive a discount on this amazing Blend! Not a Member Yet? Click HERE to learn more about our Premium Oil Of The Month Club.

As we created this Pure Essential Oil Blend, we specifically selected the best Essential Oils available to help ease then suffering that many face with anxiety, depression, and emotional stress.

IMG_6327LXR is a great calming blend, and can/should be used at the first sign of a stressful, or anxiety triggering event. LXR Blend can be applied topically to the base of the brain stem, shoulders, and bottom of feet as needed. LXR also can be used aromatically through diffusion. It should be used daily to achieve more consistent results.

One Great Way to use LXR is to combine it with Spark Naturals’ Base Salve to create your own custom Anxiety-Conquering remedy to keep with you on the go, at home, or anywhere you may be!


Spark Naturals Anxiety Conquering Salve:


  • Fill the bottom of your pan with water, place on stove with low-heat, and place Base Salve jar in the center.


  • Wait for salve to soften and liquify in the warmth, and add 50 drops of LXR Anxiety Blend
  • Give a quick stir with a mixing stick, remove jar from water, and pour into desired containers (see spark naturals accessories HERE) ***if desired, leave entire salve in the original Base Salve Jar, remove from heat, let cool.***


  • Let containers of your new Salve cool, put lids on, and enjoy!

Spark Naturals proudly offers 100% Pure, Un-Diluted Essential Oils, and we offer our Premium Oil Of The Month Club to anyone and everyone as an opportunity to save money, and build your Essential Oil Collection at the same time. Click the Blue Button to learn more and see how you can join! Be sure to subscribe to our blog! We appreciate you!



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