Sore Joints and Muscles? Try this Oil!

The heat is starting to wane, which means its the perfect time to get those last-minute Summer adventures started! With only a month of summer left, biking, hiking, camping, and traveling are on the agenda. What oils are YOU bringing?

For me, my favorites are Nature (natural bug repellent), LLP (for allergies), Dream (for better sleep…obviously), and Birch. That’s right. Birch. I inevitably think I’m stronger and more in shape than I am…until my muscles are so sore I can’t move. My lower back tends to be a hindrance as well.


What’s the solution? I know! Avoid participating, right? Wrong! Massaging diluted Birch oil onto my sore joints and muscles and lower back brings a lot of relief. So go on that hike. Ride your bike. Sleep on that cot, air mattress or pad. Run in the hills. Climb trees. Be Adventurous! I’m not saying overdo it just to use Birch. Be safe and use good judgement, but when taking advantage of this beautiful Summer-turning-Autumn weather, be sure to keep some on hand. You won’t regret it.

Ways to conveniently have diluted Birch: Salve, Roller bottle, or Dropper bottle. Spark Natural’s sample Base Salve is my ultimate favorite to take traveling because you can add whatever oil you need right when you need it.

Enjoy those Summer Adventures!


***A word of caution: if you are prone to seizures or cannot use Aspirin for any reason (allergic, drug interaction, pregnancy, etc.) stay away from Birch.***


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