Top 4 Things You’ll Need to Breathe Easy this Fall

It’s that time of year again! The warm, lazy days of summer are coming to an end. The cool, crisp air is creeping into the morning and evening air. Leaves are changing from lush green to persimmon orange. Pumpkins are at every grocery store for miles.  Warm sweaters, hot ciders, cozy fires, snuggles…and then ‘S’ happens.

That’s right-nasty SICKNESS making it’s rounds. Well, get ready. Be prepared. Enjoy those snuggles all season long.


1. Cold & Flu Bomb

It’s a Cold! It’s the Flu! It’s…the Cold & Flu Bomb! No matter what is giving you the snuffles this season, you’ll want to blow it out of the water quickly. Included in the Cold & Flu Bomb Kit are the three top oils for fighting bacteria and virus based illnesses, as well as a roller bottle for easy application. Shield Blend was created to support healthy immune function. Melaleuca Essential Oil is a natural antibacterial, anti fungal, and antiviral. Oregano Essential Oil is nature’s strongest antibiotic. With all three at your disposal, you’re sure to stop most illnesses in their tracks.


2. Eucalyptus 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil (eucalyptus radiata) is considered the safest Eucalyptus variety for children (dilute for young/sensitive skin). During World War I, Eucalyptus was used to help keep breakouts of influenza low. It can be used several different ways, including as a disinfectant.

  • Aromatically: Diffuse to improve concentration, relieve respiratory problems and assist with hay fever and headaches.
  • Dilute and gargle to help with sore throat.
  • Use topically to help with muscle aches and congestion.


3. Respire Stix

Don’t want to hassle with ointments? Don’t have time to make your own? Check out the easy-to-use Respire Stix! Easy to rub below nose on upper lip to help with decongestion, or rub on chest and/or feet to use as a vapor rub.


4. Revive Salve

Revive Salve is made with Eucalyptus, Camphor, Peppermint, Lavender, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil & Vitamin E. It is used similarly to Vick’s and can be applied to the chest and feet to ease congestion and assist in opening airways.


Now you’re ready! Bring on the warm sweaters, hot ciders, and snuggles…and keep ‘S’ from happening. 😉


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