Thankful For Cypress

Getting ready for the holidays means shopping, cleaning, preparing for family to arrive, traveling, more shopping, cooking, eating, laughing, and embracing time with loved ones. The kids will be out of school for a few days and you are going to need everything you can to get you through the next couple of months:


cypressThanksgiving will soon be upon us and we are so thankful for Cypress! In addition to Cypress’ wonderfully clean, woodsy smell that can be used to fill your home this Thanksgiving, it can also be used to promote emotional balance, uplift, invigorate, stimulate, and reenergize the entire family. Cypress is commonly used in many salons and therapy offices because of its rejuvenating properties and benefits for the skin. Cypress can also be used to break up phlegm and assist with clearing cough and chest congestion. Try these favorite recipes this holiday season:

‘Emotion Devotion’ Diffuser Recipe

Diffuse for whole home emotional support or add to a 15ml roller bottle and fill remainder of bottle with carrier oil.


‘Bye-Bye Cough’ Rub

Warm the coconut oil to a liquid form, add essential oils, mix well, allow the mixture to cool and harden. Apply to the chest and throat as needed.


‘Sweet Fall’ Diffuser Recipe


Enjoy the smell of fall as you welcome family and friends into your home. Add these oils and some water to your diffuser and fill your home with the sweet smell of the outdoors while promoting health and happiness!


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