Life Essentials: Roman Chamomile

In a world filled with, well let’s face it, LIFE; it is nice to know that there IS an oil for that. In addition to the calming and relaxing benefits of Roman Chamomile, it can also be used as an anti-inflammatory, aid sleep, ease earaches, relieve and heal rashes and eczema, and promote nerve health.

sn_eo15_rmnchamWhen used in the diffuser at night, Roman Chamomile can help you have a restful night sleep. Apply Roman Chamomile topically for relief of skin irritations or bug bites. Roman Chamomile is safe to be applied directly, without dilution, and carries added benefits when combined with Lavender or Geranium. There is nothing like a warm cup of chamomile tea to calm the stresses of the day. We have bottled all of that comfort up into an easy to carry, easy to use oil that you can have with you no matter what life throws at you!

Here are 2 simple recipes you can use to enjoy the benefits and therapeutic properties of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil:

Ground Yourself Diffuser Blend

DIRECTIONS: Combine in a diffuser and add water to designated line to enjoy in your whole home or place oil mixture in 10ml roller bottle and fill remainder with carrier oil of your choice for on the go grounding support.

bamboo in home

Stress-Be-Gone Milk Bath

DIRECTIONS: Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl; pour the mixture into a nice warm bath. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

relaxing in bath.jpg

Enjoy these easy uses for Roman Chamomile, explore the blog for more, and thanks for reading!


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