Spark the Coup(on)

I love finding myself a bargain, a good sale rack, a gem in the rough if you may. I have never, I repeat, never been a coupon-er though. Don’t get me wrong, I have wanted to, but I’m pretty sure I just don’t have the patience for it. I will break out a coupon here or there at the grocery store IF I remember that I brought it. I will also force my poor husband to take a coupon to get the pizza or some creamer. I cannot lie, there may or may not be a little bit of pleasure that I get from making him do it and you better believe I check the receipt. He hates it and I love it.

In the last few years, I have converted to the online shopping conspiracy. I have a love/hate relationship with it though. I love being able to shop and find what I need at any hour of the day/night without fighting with kids or wanting to scream at someone, again probably my kids. I hate that I have, subsequently, given up my retail therapy sessions. While it has probably saved our family money, I still desire to have those moments of aimlessly walking down aisle, searching for absolutely nothing in particular, and sometimes (not often) walking away empty handed.

One thing that I do love about online shopping is the ability to search for coupons so easily, back to the bargain hunter in me. Between Easter and Earth Day, you are in for some coupon-ing treats!

This week Spark Naturals is offering up to 25% off on the site and up to 35% off with additional outside coupons. 35% off!!!!!!! The items that are on sale this week are:

Rose Water & Witch Hazel combo pack


Both of these items are great for skin care and rejuvenation. There are lots of things that these two items can be used for, from child birth recovery to daily skin hydration.


15ml LLP & Veggie Caps


Allergies don’t stand a chance to the LLP. Add a couple of drops into the veggie caps daily to combat those annoying, nasty allergies.

Revive Salve & Respire Blend


This time of year can be a little brutal. Not only is it the end of the flu season, but it is also the beginning of allergy season. Grab both by the horns and fight both evils! Open up those airways with revive and respire!

Spring Diffuser Blends & Tasa Diffuser


Ohhhhhh don’t get me started on this amazing combo. You all already know how much I love my Speing Differ Blends and this diffuser, stop it!

Dream Salve & Relief Blend


There was this one time that I went for a run and then I came home and almost died. True story. These two beasts were and are my best friends. Aches, gone. Sleep, YES!

Health & Wellness Kit with Fractionated Coconut Oil


You had me at “Health and Wellness”. Isn’t that the goal of the typical American Society? This past year has been a lot. I’m so thankful to know that I have oils to help me get through it all. In this kit, you will get everything you need to get started. Lemon, Frankincense, Oregano, Melaleuca, Rosemary, Lavender, Amend, Respire, Shield, and Peppermint are the oils and blends that come in this awesome starter kit. You will have most of your needs covered with this kit. It is a great way to get introduced into the oil world and figure out what others you may need from there.



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