“Salve” Your Immune System

I love the fact that I have the ability to equip my immune system with the things that it needs to fight off the yuck, naturally.

It is such an amazing feeling that I am able to help my family with their health needs on my own, without chemicals. My cold, flu, stomach bug fighting equipment is found in my bathroom cabinet. Right there! Open it up! Apply it! Watch it help! Who else can say that???


One of my absolute favorite products is the Defense Protective Salve. It is the most amazing combinations of essential oils and carrier oils that can be applied directly to the skin, on any age. This blend is perfectly made up of Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. Seriously, just the sound of the oil mixture smells incredible. I sometimes just open the container and sniff it because I love the gentle, fierce, germ fighting smell of it.

I don’t need to worry about whether or not there is something in it that can irritate the skin or cause my family to have adverse reactions. It is safe and effective for everyone.

I love the convenience of it. It comes perfectly mixed for quick and easy application.

I love that it fights the bad before it ever hits our home.

I love that I am able to shield and protect my family the instant that I feel something might be sneaking its way into my house. I can also help my family in the midst of the junk and then again to rebuild their immune system after it passes.

The plague recently tried to catch us with our guard down. We were in the middle of holidays (Easter) and moving and family and parties and weddings and, you name it. I will admit, my oil routines became a little lacks while traveling. Our little guy got the worst of it and the biggest little guy got it next, but the rest of the family was able to keep it at bay with the use of essential oils, especially the Defense Protective Salve and the Digestive Blend for the stomach yuck.


Nobody likes being sick and nobody likes taking care of their husband when they are sick! This little gem has become part of our sacred daily oil routine, at least until whatever is going around decides to hibernate.


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