My Essential Life

Sometimes life gives you lemons and you make lemonade, but sometimes life gives you kids and you use the lemons for all other sorts of reasons.

Did you know that Essential Oils can be used for so much more than just health and beauty? Or maybe you didn’t even know that. The uses for Essential Oils is truly limitless. I’m surprised every day as I learn and grow in my “Essential Life”.

This week I was redoing a couple of chalkboards that I had hiding in a closet. I was making them into calendars for my “family command center” and I was using a permanent marker to draw the lines. I ran inside to grab something and my wonderful son grabbed the marker and created his own perfect masterpiece on the chalkboard. It was very thoughtful of him, but it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.


Here is the evidence, in case you were curious.

Fortunately for him, I didn’t like the way the lines came out using tape to guide the lines (it bled under the tape and didn’t look the way I had imagined). I ran back in the house and grabbed my Lemon essential oil. I dropped a couple of drops on the chalkboard and used a paper towel to wipe it up. It came off so easy, I was amazed.


And here is the proof it worked!

I had previously used Lemon essential oil to get those wonderful temporary tattoos off of my daughter when she decided it was a good idea to put them all over her arms. There is no scrubbing needed and won’t leave the skin bright red like it does when you scrub the first three layers of skin off using soap and water. I have also used it to get the residue of stickers off furniture (again, thanks kids) or labels that come on things (like dishes). Another great use for Lemon essential oil, when your children get gum in their hair! Oh the joys!

Lemon is incredible for detoxification, mood lifting, air freshener, and as an antibacterial. Put a couple drops in a warm cup of water each morning to boost immune system and jump start your metabolism. Place a few drops in a spray bottle with water to clean countertops, tables, or polish furniture.


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