Oh The Yuck!!!

I’ve got to have a “REAL” moment with everyone for just a minute.

This last week was AWFUL!!!!!! I don’t think that I could actually capitalize that big enough!! Last week, the mom of the house got food poisoning. I say food poisoning instead of the flu or a stomach bug because it was mostly gone in about four hours. There was still the nausea and stomach cramps, but everything else was done in about four hours.

You better believe that Digest and Ginger were my friend all night long. I’m pretty sure that was what saved me that night.

I laid in bed and prayed that my son would sleep all night because my husband was at work for his wonderful 24 hour shift. You better believe that did NOT happen. Within minutes (it felt like) my son was awake and the only energy I had I mustered up to grab him and bring him to bed with me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, at the time I didn’t know what was going on so bringing him to bed with me could have had catastrophic repercussions, but I lucked out.

I woke up feeling less than mediocre, but I did what moms do and made the kids lunch and shipped them off. Shortly after, very shortly, I found a cozy place on the couch and allowed me toddler to kick and climb on me for an hour or two so that I could have a slight chance at feeling human again.

Did I mention that I was loading up on Digest and Ginger? Okay, well I was!

With precaution in mind, I started layering it on everyone in the family (except my husband because he is a firefighter and gone all the time).

So, now it is Friday and nothing has affected anyone else. I am convinced that either the oil masters have blessed our house or I suffered from food poisoning (hence where I got my diagnosis).

Friday, my cousin and her family arrived for a fun filled weekend. Everything was going so great until about 7pm on Saturday night. It started with my husband disappearing from the BBQ that was taking place. I went to look for him and found him in our bathroom (poor guy). Then 9pm rolls around and the brutal rathe of the nasty plaque has taken my little niece hostage too.

My only thought was “OH NO, EVERYTHING IS CONTAMINATED!!!!!”


I immediately began “rolling” my poor children, myself, and my already suffering husband.

If you do not have the “Flu Bomb” on hand at all times then you are going to hate life at some point or another. You can roll it on your throat when it’s itchy or the back of the neck (like I did) when anything else is going around, or on the bottom of the feet for sensitive skin (if it is ever “hot” put an extra layer of coconut oil on them to help absorb).


My Respire Stix was also a must have every night to help clear airways. After throwing up over and over again, you get clogged up. I loaded all the bellies with Digest to balance whatever was going on and the Ginger was AMAZING for the nausea. Did you know that you can also use Digest to break up all the yuck in the sinus cavities? Just rub a little down the bridge of the nose and watch the nasal waterworks!

My best friend “Flu Bomb”

40 drops of Oregano

30 drops of Lemon

20 drops of Shield

Mix with a carrier oil in a 10ml or 15ml roller bottle. I would reduce the ratio and add more carrier oil when used on kids or people with sensitive skin.

I send healthy vibes everyone’s direction and strongly encourage the use of your essential oils to get through or bypass the yuck that is taking over!

Good Luck!!!!




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