Chew On This!

Do you ever wonder what happens in your mouth between brushing? There are bacteria eating all the food left in your mouth from the previous meal and not only eating at the food but eating at your teeth also.

Enter Spark Naturals Xyntal (Xylitol Dental) products. With countless articles and studies of the oral benefits of xylitol, Xyntal (xylitol dental) products were conceived. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that comes from birch trees and it has been proven to kill bacteria in your mouth and also help in the remineralization of dental cavities. How about that-a natural product that will help your mouth stay healthy and kill the bacteria?!

Our variety of Xyntal products contain over 25% xylitol content to keep your mouth fresh and clean all day long. From fluoride free toothpaste and mouthwash to gum and mints, we have something for everyone!

Basic Oral Care

Xyntal Toothpaste and Mouthwash: Our Xyntal Spearmint fluoride free toothpaste  leaves your mouth feeling clean and revitalized, and Xylitol based mouthwash is second to none without the harsh components or alcohols that other brands contain. The Xyntal Spearmint mouthwash is designed for results! A proprietary medley of proven anti-plaque and cavity fighting components sure to leave you mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Xyntal Gum

In between brushing and mouthwash try our line of Xyntal gum. These pieces of gum are powerful not only in flavor but also in ability. One piece of gum will leave your mouth refreshed with amazing breath, and kill all that bad bacteria.

Xyntal Mints

With the same benefits as our gum, in between brushing and mouthwash try our line of Xyntal mints! These are perfect for those times you want to freshen your mouth, but don’t have time to brush or can’t have gum in your mouth (i.e. work presentations).

Cinnamon Gum or Mints: Mint not your thing? Need a little spice in your life? Give this flavorful Cinnamon gum a try!

Fruit Burst Gum or Mints: A crowd favorite with kids and candy lovers!

Peppermint Gum or Mints: Traditional? Yes. Boring? No! Pop a piece of Peppermint gum in anytime you need a punch of freshness in your mouth.

No matter your lifestyle, we all have a mouth and a set of teeth to go with it, so why not take care of them with the best fresh, natural products? Give our Xyntal line a try and let us know what you think in the comments below!

~The Spark Team~

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