Digest Blend Can Assist in Supporting, Restoring and Maintaining a Balanced Digestive System

One of the number one causes of ailments today stems from an imbalance of gut flora and other digestive issues. When the digestive system is balanced, many other symptoms and ailments decrease or disappear altogether.

digest_3Spark Naturals has created a Digestive Blend using a proprietary combination of the best essential oils for the many aspects of digestion issues. Digest Blend can assist you in supporting, restoring and maintaining a normal balance with your digestive system. There are several essential oils that assist our bodies with digestive issues. Our proprietary blend of Lemon, Spearmint, Myrrh, Fennel and Ginger is a powerful combination with specific attributes to cover a wide range of troubles.


Lemons are thought to have originated in Asia and have been used for generations in many holistic remedies. Historically, lemons were carried and eaten on long ship voyages to help fight scurvy, and sea-sickness. Lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from the nutrient-rich rind of the fruit and is known for it’s light, uplifting scent. Those same germ and disease fighting constituents used on those early voyages are concentrated in the essential oil, making it a vital tool in digestive recovery.

When massaged onto the lower abdomen, Lemon EO can help reduce constipation and increase positive bowl movement, as well as detoxify the body. While it is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and can be applied NEAT, it can cause skin irritation, especially on young or sensitive skin, so be sure to dilute with a carrier such as coconut, sweet almond, or rosehip oil.  Lemon is also considered a photosynthesizing oil, so before exposing skin where Lemon EO was applied directly to the sun (or tanning bed), it is a good idea to wait at least 12 hours to avoid oil burns.


Spearmint is a fast-growing herb that originates from Europe and is now grown all over the world from China to Russia, Spain to the good ol’ USA. It is a member of the Mentha or “mint” family with similar properties to Peppermint, but on the milder side. Spearmint essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves and is a common flavoring in candy, chewing gum, and oral hygiene products. Not only does it have a fresh cleansing scent and flavor, but it literally cleanses and calms.

Spearmint can be used to help balance and increase metabolism, which in turn may help soothe the intestines and ease nausea. Generally recognized as safe (GRAS), a drop of Spearmint EO with a teaspoon of honey in 4oz of warm water make a soothing tea-like drink for upset stomaches. Dilute when using topically.


Myrrh is steam distilled from the oleoresin gum of the commiphora myrrha tree of the burseraceae family. Originating from northeast Africa near the Red Sea, the tree grows to about 9 feet tall with oval leaves, white flowers, and thorny limbs. The resin is extracted from cuts in the tree and is often exported for distillation. Historically Myrrh was used in many spiritual events including embalming and mummification as well as traditional burials and as a gift to baby Jesus. It is known as a wound healer and anti-inflammatory.

Because everyone reacts to oils differently, it is best to avoid using Myrrh essential oil during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. If it is necessary, be sure to dilute with moderate to heavy dilution.


A favorite with the Greeks and Romans, Fennel is a tall, delicate herb with a sweet, peppery aroma. They used it often in cooking as well as for medicinal purposes ranging from better eyesight, increased lactation, and general life longevity. It blends well with citrus and savory flavors as well as citrus essential oils.

Fennel essential oil is steam distilled from the plant’s seeds and is commonly used to ease excessive intestinal gas and helps decrease menstrual cramping and nausea. While it is great for increasing a mother’s milk supply, use sparingly. Fennel is not recommended for those using a lot of medications or are pregnant or nursing (aside from occasional lactation boosts, not constant use).


Growing as a fiberous tuber or rhizome, Ginger is native to China and is widely used for medicinal, culinary, and fragrance purposes. The spice is often used in Asian cooking to aid in digestion. After being harvested, crushed, and dried, the rhizomes are steam distilled into a yellow oil with a spicy, earthy essence. In the aromatic world, Ginger is known as the oil of empowerment, thought to change feelings of apathy to an active self-assurance. When diffused, it can decrease morning sickness, motion sickness, and general nausea. In addition, Ginger essential oil increases memory and supports brain function.

Generally recognized as safe (GRAS), Ginger EO is not considered a “hot” oil and is mild enough to use on children with moderate dilution. To strengthen immunity during times of illness, add a drop or two to a carrier oil and rub it on the soles of the feet.

Digest Blend Reviews

“This blend is a huge help when having tummy upset. We have had the stomach bug several times over the years, and this has been a huge help for the nausea and other symptoms. Don’t run out of this blend!”~Ellen

“This works better than my prescription (bentyl) IBS medication!!!! I go to this first!!!!! It works fast too!”~Amary

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~The Spark Team~


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    1. We are glad you love the oil! As of right now we don’t sell any premade rollers, but we DO sell everything you need to make your own, giving you the ability to customize it to your needs. 😉

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