D.I.Y. Homemade Granite Cleaner

Have granite counter tops? You can’t just spray any old cleaner on granite, or you could very likely damage your very expensive counter tops!

Marble, granite, and stone do NOT like having acidic (ie: citrus-based) cleaners used on them. Citrus or vinegar will actually cause “etching” on granite counter tops. Not a good thing.


Granite counter tops also don’t like it when you use something like Windex on them because it strips the “seal” off of the stone.

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So what does that leave us???  Water? Well, yes and no. Even water is problematic because, by itself, it will leave streaks. BUT, add a little rubbing alcohol and a drop or two of some kind of soap…and you’re in business!

There are some very nice counter top/granite cleaners out there that do a great job…but $7.00 for a 12-ounce bottle? We can do better than that!

granite 1

Homemade Granite Cleaner

  • 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol
  • 3 drops of Dawn or other dish soap (Castile soap would also be a good alternative if you prefer)
  • Water
  • 5-10 drops Essential Oil

Put the rubbing alcohol or into a 16 oz spray bottle. Add the dish soap, essential oil, and fill up the rest of the bottle with water.

Now give it a few shakes….THEN give it a try!  It should give your countertops a nice, clean shine. Works on appliances too! All at a FRACTION of the price of the store-bought stuff.

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