Sugar Cravings? Kick the Habit with Essential Oils

Sugar cravings! Sweets after dinner, hitting the dessert table, or running to the bakery when you’re feeling exhausted or down? We all have some kind of sugar craving and one point or another, and Spark Naturals has a great way to get through those cravings naturally It may be hard to resist sugar cravings but every time you give in, you’re not doing your body a favor – a craving for something sweet doesn’t always mean your body needs sugar! A lot of times emotional and mental stress are big factors that can cause those cravings.

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Certain Essential Oils can help ease the longing for sugary sweets – they address the physical and psychological aspects of the cravings and curb that desire to satiate your sweet tooth: Here are 5 of our favorites that you can try out!


sn_eo15_pprmintPeppermint is amazing, and may be the overall best choice – in studies, it has been shown to activate the same part of the brain that makes us feel full after we eat – Peppermint has been used for centuries to help soothe upset stomach and promote proper digestion, aiding in proper nutrient absorption. Simply add a drop or two to your water, inhale the scent, or diffuse a few drops before your next meal.


sn_eo15_lemonLemon Esssential Oil has been known to promote healthy cell function as well as bringing both hormonal and digestive system balance – all of which contribute to more efficient digestion and naturally reduced cravings. It can be ingested with water or inhaled, and also can be applied to the skin over the abdomen to promote overall health.


sn_b15_shieldShield‘s Blend of Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Lemon can go a long way in reducing your sugar cravings with a single drop. Shield Blend supports blood sugar levels, along with the cinnamon making you feel full, which may help you turn down that sugar filled dessert after your dinner.


sn_b15_refreshSpark Naturals Refresh Blend is beneficial in many ways. When diffused, Refresh Blend will cleanse the air around you, offer immune support, and promote healthy hormonal balance to bring balance back to the metabolic systems in your body.


sn_eo15_bergamotIf you’re feeling stressed, grab a bottle of Bergamot instead of opting for that candy bar. Bergamot Essential Oil has calming properties to relieve stress and reduce your stress-triggered cravings. Bergamot can also be paired with Lavender for an added calming boost.

Defeating your sweet sugary cravings can be much easier with nature as your ally! Find which Essential Oils are the most effective for you, and say no to sugar. You can do it!


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