DIY Ant Spray – No More Ants!


Spring – blooming flowers, budding trees, warm weather…..and ants marching across your counter and through your yard. Every year it seems like ants pop up around our garbage cans, kitchens, food, and dishes – they’re annoying and unsanitary! But there’s a better solution than using harsh chemicals in your kitchen where your food resides and your family is. This all-natural solution is WAY safer for everyone.

Did you know that many of the small bugs around your house hate peppermint oil? Ants are so small that it can take them out with direct contact. To them it’s a threat and will deter them from unwanted areas, and eliminate them on contact. Here’s what to do to solve your problem:

ants feature

Step One: Find the source of the problem – follow the ants trail back to the place they are entering your home. Add a good amount of Peppermint Essential Oil to a cotton ball and swab the trail, leaving the Peppermint Soaked cotton ball at the ants’ entrance.

Step Two: Whip up your DIY Ant Spray to take care of the rest. You can do a re-spray of the ant trail, spray around pet food and the pantry, even on the deck furniture to deter them fro any problem areas and take out any of them left wandering around.


DIY Ant Spray Ingredients:


-1 TB Witch Hazel

-15 Drops of Peppermint Oil


Use our 4oz. Blue Glass Spray bottle and fill it 2/3 with water. Add 1 tablespoon of Witch Hazel to act as a dispersing agent. Then top off with 15 drops of Spark Naturals Peppermint Essential Oil and shake until mixed. (shake before each use to ensure even mix prior to spraying)

Go take care of those ants, and share this article by clicking below! Pick up all you need for this recipe at Spark Naturals Shop by clicking the blue button below – Enjoy!


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