DIY Air Freshener – No More Aerosols!

Air Fresheners can be expensive and full of chemicals – and when you’re spraying your couches, clothes, and rooms in your home, why not go for an all-natural option thats safe for your skin, your family, you pets, and everyone in your home? Freshen up smelly rooms and areas with this great All-Natural alternative to aerosol air-fresheners. The best part? You can customize the scent of this one any way that you want and make your home your own with the scents you choose. Here’s a quick recipe to try out and feel free to customize it with the oils that you wish to use!

air freshener feature

What you’ll need: 
Spark Naturals Clear Spray Bottle
•15 drops Lemon Essential Oil
•15 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

For Pets: Try using Cedarwood and Melaleuca Oil

For an Orange Spice: Wild Orange and Cinnamon Oil

Mood Lifter: Roman ChamomileYlang Ylang, and Wild Orange Oil

PRO TIP: In The Bathroom – spray the surface of the toilet water with your mixture before doing your business – since oil and water do not mix, the oil will sit on top of the water, GREATLY reducing any offending odors!

Instructions: Combine all ingredients in the Spray Bottle and shake well to mix thoroughly. Spray on problem areas and in rooms thoroughly to give a natural, clean refresh to any room or area. Try any combinations you’d like! Add more oil for stronger scent, less oil for a more mild scent. Enjoy!


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