LXR Anxiety Blend: An In-Depth Look

Last week we posted a quick “What Is It” post about our LXR Anxiety Blend, which is this month’s Premium Oil of the Month. Today let’s take a more in-depth look at what makes LXR so fabulous.

Anxiety is characterized as an overwhelming sense of apprehension and fear (merriam-webster.com). Common symptoms are excessive tiredness, worry/tension, headaches, nausea, and restlessness. It can be triggered by life events, big or small. Tantrums at the store, social events, etc., all contribute to the stress. Even things such as allergies and hormone imbalances can lead to anxiety. Deeper anxiety issues can sometimes be handled by meds, but if you’re looking for additional support through natural alternatives, our LXR Anxiety Blend is a great place to start.



Here’s why.

  1. ALL of the oils in this blend are considered natural antidepressants and calming.
  2. Frankincense, Rosewood, and Marjoram aid in nausea relief and improve circulation.
  3. Chamomile (both Blue and Roman) and Lavender are natural antihistamines and anti-inflammatory oils.
  4. Sandalwood, Spruce, and Ylang-Ylang are uplifting and grounding, helping with restlessness, frustration, and general stress.



The two best ways to use LXR is Aromatically and Topically.


  1. Drop 4-8 drops into your diffuser (depending on size) and run as needed.
  2. In a 4ml spritzer, put 4-5 drops LXR and fill with water. Spritz onto clothes, pillow cases, and blankets as needed.
  3. Place a drop or two on cotton balls and place throughout the house (bathroom, closet, car, luggage, etc.). Replace as needed.


  1. Apply NEAT or diluted with a carrier oil to the forehead, under the nose, and/or at the back of the neck. (A Roller would be great for this.)
  2. Rub your DIY LXR Anxiety Salve on your chest to easily breath in the vapors.
  3. Apply to the bottom of the feet, especially before bed, to assist the body to calm, relax, and sleep.




*Remember, oils affect everyone differently, so please adjust amounts accordingly. Use less oil and more carrier for young or sensitive skin.

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