Why Use Essential Oils?

Why Use Essential Oils? What’s All The Hype? The use of plant extracts (essential oils) dates back into the biblical times when Jesus was given gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh moments after his birth. Essential oils come from various parts of plants, including the leaves, flowers, bark, roots, resin, and peels. These parts are either distilled or extracted in order to get the most potent and beneficial parts of the plant. That’s the easy part.

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Most people that want to talk about essential oils want to know why and how they work, not where they come from. All three things are incredibly pertinent when it comes to something that you use on yourself, your kids, and in your home. Education about the use of essential oils is our number one goal.


Essential oils can be used topically on the skin (some may need to be applied with a carrier oil), aromatically (through a diffuser or inhalation directly from the bottle or a drop on the hand and cupped over the nose), or internally (not all oils are recommended for ingestion but those that are can be taken in a veggie capsule or a drop under the tongue). Essential oils are very concentrated and should be used appropriately with proper dilution as needed. Depending on your situation will determine which method of application is best.

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Each essential oil is created in it’s own unique way, like wise, each oil has properties that are very unique to it. Modern medicine focuses on a diagnosis and a treatment, which is not a bad thing, but wouldn’t it be nice if you had the ability, no, the power to live well, naturally, with no side effects? You are able to address the root or the cause of the disease and reduce symptoms. You are able to prevent things from occurring by making essential oils part of your daily routine. You will have everything you need in your own little essential oil medicine cabinet. There is a time and place for modern medicine, but wouldn’t it be nice to remove as many of the unnecessary, unnatural things in your life as possible?

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It is also very important to know where the oils come from, the quality of the oils, and the process of distillation or extraction. At Spark Naturals, our oils are the purest oils available because we carefully and strategically source them. We understand the importance of quality sourcing for our products. Each oil, whether it is a component of a blend or a pure essential oil, is selected from the best geographic area in the world to cultivate and grow that particular plant or tree.

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Essential oils are NOT new! They have been around for thousands of years, being used by the Jews, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Indians, and Chinese. They have been used for many things, including perfumes, cosmetics, and medicinal purposes, as well as spiritual practices. Essential oils are also incredible for emotional health, healing, and preventative measures. The great thing about essential oils is, because they are all natural, you can’t over use or misuse oils.

Testimony 1:

“I have a friend who was not too sure about essential oils; her husband was even more skeptical. She came to me feeling completely hopeless. Her two-year-old daughter had super sensitive skin and a lingering rash that she could not get a handle on. She had tried every cream and ointment out there! I had mentioned oils in brief conversation in the past, but I am not one to push things on people especially when it comes to their kids. When she came to me she said, ‘Okay, what would you do with your oils?’ I gave her a sample of Lavender and told her to put it on her daughter’s rash a few times a day. Within a couple of days the rash was GONE and her husband wanted to know how to get more!! I love my essential oils!!”

Tiffany, AZ

Testimony 2:

“Not long ago my daughter came down with a horrific cold!! After about the fourth night of not sleeping because she had this awful cough that she would cough so hard until she gagged, I put out a Facebook post pleading for advice on how to help my daughter!! My step-mom saw the post and the next day I received a diffuser and Thyme Essential Oil delivered by UPS. I had never used essential oils before, but I had heard lots about them. She told me to put the Thyme on her feet with socks and diffuse the Thyme as well. Within five minutes of bedtime, my daughter stopped coughing and slept the entire night!! Because she was able to get the sleep she needed her body was able to fight off the cold and now anytime there is the start of a cough in our house, we break out the Thyme and add it to our diffusers!”

Kristine, TX

Testimony 3:

“I have threenager! If you don’t know what a threenager is, you are lucky!!! The terrible two’s ain’t got nothing on a threenager!!! The Bliss Calming Blend is a staple in our household and it is kept handy on every nightstand and in every purse and backpack around!!! When the threenager begins to emerge or even if it has sneakily reared it’s ugly head, you will hear me say (in my most Mama loving voice possible), ‘You need to go bliss yourself’ and even my threenager knows exactly what that means and where to find it before this Mama loses her something cool!!!”

Becca, UT

Testimony 4:

“My husband is not a fan of the oils. He doesn’t care that I use them and he will even put them on the kids during our bedtime routine (lights out on the bottom of the feet, diluted respire on the chest, and diluted shield on the back) because he knows that I use them and the kids have begun to ask for them, but he refuses to use them on himself. When our son was born, he had slight jaundice and was very gassy. I read up on what to do for colic and found this really awesome blend (Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Geranium with coconut oil) that we got in the habit of putting on him a couple times a day as needed. It helped so much, but that isn’t the more incredible part. After just one day of using the combination, my son’s jaundice was completely gone. No more yellow, goopy eyes and no more yellow tinted skin. Turns out Geranium is great for jaundice! My husband looked at me and gave me a slight agreement that there might be something to this whole oil thing. I still don’t have him using them though, but I’m not giving up.”

Holly, UT

Essential Oils are a wonderful all-natural choice to keep on hand, in the home, and on the go for just about anything. We believe everyone should be able to live well, naturally. Thanks for reading!


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