Peace, Love, New Beginnings

There has been so much hype about 2017! Whether it was to be done with 2016 for whatever reason or looking forward to the changes they are hoping for in 2017, many have spoken out about there relief and excitement for 2017.

Personally, 2016 wasn’t our best, but it wasn’t because of anything going in politics or around the World. We had a very busy year, a lot going on, lots of changes, lots pain and loss. As we stepped into 2017, we were faced with difficult news and hard decisions. Life isn’t always what you expect and it doesn’t always go the way you want. Sometimes the world throws you a curve ball and shatters every perfectly clean window that you have. Sometimes you have to step back and remember what is truly important to you. Sometimes you just have to allow your emotions to release, gather yourself back up, and take that step into the unknown.


I have found myself shifting my daily oil routine this week; adapting it with the changes I have faced. Sometimes it gets altered due to allergies or colds, maybe because other illnesses (that seems to be when I change it the most). This time I find myself relying on my oils to help with my emotions. I can honestly say that I have been pretty fortunate to not have to use these on myself very often. Most of the time I am using them on my daughter or helping friends during trying times.

I refused to let my sadness with our unfortunate news get the best of me. I found myself relying on my Winter Blends to help me get through each day.

It is so important to take each day one at a time. The 3-pack includes Winter Blues, Love, and New Beginnings. Perfect, right?


Winter Blues combines Wild Orange, Lavender, and Frankincense to uplift and energize your mind, body, and spirit during the winter months or during whatever trials you may be facing. Start your day with Rosemary, Lavender, and Bergamot found in the New Beginnings blend. Add a little Love to help you relax, forgive, and let go. I use the perfectly formulated combination of Cedarwood, Wild Orange, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang, found in the Love blend, the most lately. I use it multiple times throughout the day whenever I am feeling angry, sad, or overwhelmed.

If your New Year isn’t starting out like you had originally hoped or planned, make sure that you incorporate these amazing oils into your daily routine. Add them to a roller bottle for easy application, combine them with epsom salt and enjoy them in a nice, relaxing bath, or use them in your diffuser for a whole home experience.

For Diffusers, Accessoires, Oils, & Everything you’ll need, you’re always invited to visit our website at – Share and thanks for reading!


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