And We Are Off…….

I never look forward to traveling. I love being at the destination (most of the time), but I hate the traveling to and from part. This adventure is a stressful one for me. We are going to a destination wedding for my sister and, to be honest, it’s not the best of timing. It’s hard to plan a vacation that was not your choice and you are not financially prepared for, but we are going to make the most memories as possible.

This trip entails a decently long car ride to the airport and then a brutally long plane ride with a seven year old and a not quite two year old. YAY!!!!

Do you oil when traveling? When essential oils first became part of my daily routine and lifestyle, I was extremely paranoid about everyone else around me. I didn’t want them to be bothered by the smell or possibly say something to me!! Here’s what I say to that, “the chemical crap that you put on this morning smells better?”

I want to know, what are your absolute must have oils when traveling and why? What do you use them for, when do you use them, and how do you carry them?

Here is my traveling oil cabinet:

shield squareShield– there is so much yuck, especially when closed up in an airplane with no ventilation. I put it on the back of the neck before during and after travel. It goes on everyone in the family!





sn_b15_digestDigest– traveling always causes irregularity in our household. I don’t know if it’s being away from home and our normal routine or being on a plane with the elevation and pressure changes, but man does it throw a loop in the business! It can also help with heartburn and stuffy noses.




peppermint squarePeppermint– I, personally, fall victim to motion sickness. If I turn around too quickly I will get nauseous and need to lay down. It is awful!!! I will put peppermint on a cotton ball and shove it in the open slot of the vent in the car. It will blow all the way through the whole car and relieve that upset stomach feeling.




sn_eo15_lavenderLavender– there are so many reasons to keep this mighty oil on hand. It can help aid sleep, relieve a sunburn or rash, calm anxiety, soothe the skin, alleviate stress, and so much more!





melaleuca squareMelaleuca– again, the list is seemingly endless. This oil is great for infections, wounds, ear aches, and the list can go on and on.






I love my mini roller bottles; they make it super easy and convenient to carry and apply all the time, but especially when traveling.

What are your must have oils when traveling?



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