The Thyme Is Now

Raise your hand if you have at least one person coughing in your home????? I have one that is coughing due to the residual yuck that he dealt with a few weeks (and we all know all too well how that cough lingers on foreeeevvvveeeerrrr!!!!!), I have one that is coughing due to her asthma, and then I have one coughing simply due to a dry throat. I am 3 for 4!!!!

HELP ME!!!! Can I send out an S.O.S. to have someone help with this cough?????

Oh wait, my S.O.S. is my bathroom!!!! My go to as soon as the cough breaks out in our house is the Thyme!!! I absolutely hate the smell of it, but oh my it is a miracle worker. I’m pretty sure that the smell of Thyme is permeated in my children’s curtains.


I grab my humidifier, the diffuser, and the Thyme! It is an absolute saving grace!!! I put a bunch of drops in the diffuser, fill it with water, fill the the humidifier all the way up, I also put the Thyme on the bottom of their feet and cover with some socks. I seriously swear by this amazing oil!!!! It is an anti-bacterial, great for asthma, snoring, and fatigue on top of everything else.


If you do not have Thyme in your medicine cabinet, then this should be on your next order!



In additional to Thyme, I put Respire Stix, which comes in this super handy stick, on their chest and







Protective Defense Salve on their back.  If you haven’t tried the Respire Stix and the Protective Defense Salve then you must!







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