Spring Spring Spring

Spring is one of my two favorite seasons.

The warm air beginning to make it’s appearance, the flowers beginning to bud, the the new beginnings of so many things! There is a certain crispness in the air when spring arrives. I was so looking forward to an amazing, beginning of spring weekend this weekend. That didn’t happen. Somewhere along the way, the greater power that is He decided we needed one more hooray before it was done. I love my boots, scarfs, socks, leggings, and everything else, but I want my flipflops, shorts, and warmth!!!

There are so many things that I hate about spring as well. I hate the dust, I hate the wind, I hate the unknown. Spring, to me, means sunny one day and snow the next. There is no way to plan or anticipate what is going to happen.

As soon as this time of year rolls around, I break out my citrus oils. I love them all the time, but now they become a vital part of my routine. I use them in my water and in my yummy marinades! I love to grill!!!! And I love being outside. Having water and yummy  flavors is must have. I also think that they bring me out of the yucky winter blues! They hit me hard and I love my citrusy oils as soon as the weather starts to get nice. I use them to clean my house. Cleaning with essentials oils doesn’t just smell good, but they are also great for killing bacterial, viruses, mold, stains, degreasing, and mildew to name a few. I also diffuse them constantly, they smell bright and cheery and I need that!

Regardless, Spring is coming and I am ready!


My favorite combination is the Citrus Kit. It gives me some of my favorite citrus oils in this fun little kit. It contains Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, and Wild Orange.





This month the Citrus Kit is our Oil Of The Month!!! If you are not part of our Oil Of The Month Club, you should probably hop on over to Spark Naturals and sign up today! There are few different options, but it is great way to get different oils, each month, for a discounted price. You can cancel anytime, you can skip a month if you want, and you get oils that you may not have thought about buying yourself. Some of most used oils have come into my life through this club. I love it!!!

Here are a couple of my favorite cleaning recipes.

Non-Toxic Mop Solution

cleaners1 gallon of hot water

1 cup of vinegar

15-20 drops of lemon or orange or a combination of the two

Mix all of the ingredients in a large mop buckets and mop as usual.




DIY Dusting Spray

IMG_44673/4 cup of water

1/4 cup of white distilled vinegar

30-40 drops of essential oil (I change it up depending on the season. Spring/summer I use any combination of citrus oils and fall/winter I use Defense or clove or something along those lines)

Place in a large spray bottle and shake vigorously. Spray directly on furniture (careful not to overspray) and polish with clean, dry cloth.




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