No Pain, No Gain!

As the old saying goes, right?


You may be thinking that I am referring to working out. In most cases you would be correct, but not this time. This time I am talking about yard work. I have been pulling weeds and getting our yard ready for a swings for my kids. We had to dig out a section and build up another section in order to make it all level. My hamstrings have been on fire for two days now and shoulders/arms feel like limp noodles. Please tell me that I am not the only one who feels this way after a few hours of pulling weeds and yard work!

Or maybe you have a daily struggle of pain caused by inflammation or arthritis. But what do you do once the pain has set in? Do you reach for the Ibuprofen? Maybe your go to remedy is a heating pack? Copaiba essential oil can help reduce pain and inflammation so that you are able to continue your journey with less discomfort. Copaiba comes from the Copaifera tree, most commonly found in the rainforest. This powerful oil can be diffused, inhaled directly, or applied topically on location with your preferred carrier oil. My favorite is this cream, made with Copaiba essential oil. It is super easy and so powerful!

lotion jarDIY Pain Cream

½ cup of coconut oil (in the more solid form is preferred)

15 drops of Copaiba essential oil

15 drops of Amend essential oil
Using a hand mixer, beat until it is a fluffy consistency (approx. 2 min.). Add the Copaiba and Amend and hand mix to ensure that that the oils don’t splatter. Then mix with hand mixer for another 30 seconds. Your pain cream is ready to use! You can transfer your cream to a small glass mason jar or old cosmetic jar for easier use and storage.

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