Dump the Blue Funk

It’s that time of year again. The excitement and busyness of the holidays is over and now you’re ready for Spring…but that’s 2 months away! Months of cold and clouds and sickness…So what can you do NOW, today, to keep the Blue Funk away?

You’ve guessed it-there’s an oil for that! Several in fact. But what really makes essential oils so great is pairing them with activities and incorporating them into daily life.


Gloomy, cold, overcast weather can leave us feeling depressed. Quality sleep can be elusive and the day sluggish at best. Diffusing blends like Winter Blues, Rise, or Dream next to a quality Himalayan Salt Lamp can help calm, energize, or relax the body. The warm glow brings heat and light to the cold winter days.


Physical activity is often limited in the winter and working out at home is a fabulous way   to get/stay fit during the cold months. Whether weights, Zumba or Yoga are your thing, keep your equipment clean with a spritz of disinfectant spray. This will not only help keep germs at bay but will add a cleansing aroma to your workout area, motivating you to keep coming back for more workouts throughout the week.

Take your own personal happiness blend/scent every where you go with diffuser jewelry such as these pendant necklaces. Simply add a drop or two and you’re set for a few hours (if not the day). When you move through the day the scent will waft toward your nose enlightening the mind and senses. Some favorites are Shield (to help purify the immediate air), Focus,  and Bliss and/or Zen blends (I personally love them together). Mix, match, and create your own diffuser blends for a scent that is uniquely you!

What do YOU do to get out of the Blue Funk? Tell us in the comments below!

~The Spark Team~

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